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What is Marconic Energy? 

My name is Jennifer Estrada. I discovered Marconic Energy in November of 2019 as I was flipping through the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine. I noticed an advertisement for a Level 1 Marconic Energy Practitioner training in my town coming up in 5 days. When I saw the price, I dismissed it, figuring I wouldn’t be able to attend and went on with my week. As the week went by, I could not stop thinking about the training and what possibilities it had for me. The day before the training I made a decision that I needed to attend! I made it work and I’m so glad I did! After the first day of my training I became attuned to Marconic Energy and received a ‘no-touch’ energy session. That evening, I found myself singing and dancing in my kitchen full of happiness and peace!

A month later, I received my Marconic Quantum Recalibration, which has changed me in so many wonderful ways. I see the world in a different way. I have peace and calmness in my heart and I feel very connected to an inner knowing of what is next best thing for me to do. In February 2020, I attended the week-long annual Marconics intensive in Cape Cod, to become a level 4 Marconic Energy Practitioner. Here I received the Lux Magnum and I Am Merge (energy sessions that can be received after a recalibration). These sessions brought me even more peace and excitement of sharing Marconic Energy with family and friends and anyone else who is drawn to it!

In my daily life, I have so much more patience with my two young children. I am no longer triggered to frustration by their actions. I am more organized and tidy because doing the work seems so much easier without anxiety in my heart and mind. My day has an easy flow and I listen to my heart to take the next best action. I feel more connected to God and the universe and have much deeper love for humanity as a whole.

I would love to speak more with you about Marconic Energy and what it has done for me. Continue reading to learn what Marconic Energy is and the different types of energy sessions I can offer. Blessings!

Marconic Energy
Marconic Energy is the next level of conscious evolution. It's the human upgrade!
Once you experience the energy in a session and entrain to the higher frequencies of your being, you'll attract the people places and things that allow you to create the reality that is most aligned for you!

After a Marconic Energy session, client’s may feel how the Grace of God is creating the connection for them to integrate their highest self more fully than ever before. Marconic Energy is not about adding something outside of yourself but intimately connecting with who you are at the deepest level and raising the vibration of your being!

Marconic Energy can support you in not only living your best life, but the life of your dreams! It can gift you with the balance of love and wisdom, as well as the courage and strength to embody your divine purpose in full alignment with who you are at your highest potential.

Marconic Energy assists in raising your vibration above the fear frequencies and enables you to create and express in every situation with full love, faith, abundance and integrity. Marconic Energy can help to transform your life with ease and grace!

What is Marconic Energy?
Marconic Energy is the energy of God's Grace. It is a high vibrational, multidimensional, full spectrum energy handed down by Grace Elohim to Alison David Bird for humanity's Ascension.

It was revealed to Alison that her own higher self was Grace Elohim, and over time, Alison experienced deeper integrations of Grace to further embody her true self. Through Grace, Alison received the Marconic Energy protocols to be given to people in sessions so that they can upgrade their light bodies and connect with their higher self. So just as Alison received Marconic Energy to integrate her higher self and shed density, people can also receive Marconic Energy to let go of all that does not serve them and embody their true selves.

I can offer three types of Marconic Energy protocols: the 'no-touch' session, the Quantum Recalibration and the Lux Magnum. The first two types of sessions do not involve physically touching the body, whereas the Lux Magnum involves light touch. On the outside, sessions look like a series of energetic movements and hand position holds around the client’s body. But on an energetic level, Grace is holding the space for a profound infusion of light and consciousness upgrades and clearing vast amounts of stuck energies that hold us back from our potential.
Clients may see colors/sacred geometry with their eyes closed, feel huge energetic releases and experience a deep integration of embodying and knowing their true soul essence. Marconic Energy enables clients to shed karma that is keeping them in a dense low vibration and see significant shifts in their careers, relationships and everyday experiences after sessions. These changes are due to vibrating at a higher frequency and simply not tolerating the old stuff that has no place in a higher dimensional reality!

Marconic Energy is helping humanity ascend with Earth. If you hear the Clarion Call and know Marconic Energy is for you, reach out and schedule a session, your soul will thank you!

Marconic ‘No Touch’ Energy Session: $75
As the name implies, the 'no touch' protocol involves no physical touch yet most people who receive sessions state it is the most felt and tangible energy they have ever experienced! This energy session can be done in person or remotely with the same effects.
The no-touch protocol is performed in the morphogenetic field around the body. The Marconic Energy is primarily beamed through the hands of the practitioner and instantaneously connects with the Axi-a-tonal lines around the client’s lightbody. These lines are the meridians of the light/energy body 8 inches off the physical body. By connecting with these lines through Marconic Energy, the client is reconnected to the Universal Field of Source which can activate latent powers with the genes and retune the lightbody to survive and thrive in the 5th dimension and beyond!

Spontaneous healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level
Accelerate your Evolutionary Process & Ascension
Align with your Higher Mission
Awaken Intuition/ESP Psychic Gifts
Reclaim Hidden Talents & Skill
Release fear-based programming & Negative Past life Imprints
Draw in experiences and people to you that are in resonance with your life
Become an ionic generator which brings you into a physical state of homeostasis
Drop density from your lightbody to stay in a higher vibration more easily
Attract the people, places and things into your life that deepen your alignment with Source and your mission

Marconic Quantum Recalibration: $333
The Marconic Recalibration upgrades your three-dimensional body to become more multi-dimensional so you're able to experience, perceive and thrive in higher dimensions while being full grounded and present in this reality. The Recalibration is difficult to put into words but once you experience it, your perception of reality is transformed through your felt experience of lightness and greater flow!
The Recalibration is a one-time only two-part process that must be experienced in two consecutive days. Similar to the no-touch session, you'll also be laying down with your eyes closes on a massage table and each session lasts approximately one hour.
In the Recalibration, you are essentially having your chakras uncapped to return them to their original circular state. Currently, your chakras are capped which means that each is shaped like two cones touching at the center (an in-cone and an out-cone). This capping was a necessary limitation to allow your high vibrational nature to experience the physicality of the third dimension. But over time, a lot of karma has accumulated in your energy body (think of it as 'energetic debris' stuck between the cones). This karma is essentially light-encoded consciousness that you hold onto because it is unresolved, and you keep playing it out until you can clear it and change your patterns for the highest and best. Fortunately, after the energy shift in 2012 and thanks to the protocol handed down by Grace Elohim, it's possible to return your chakras to their original circular shape.

The Recalibration clears 51% of your karma and causes any future karmic action to be experienced and cleared more immediately and easily. You still have to 'do the work' of being your best self but this takes a huge burden off your back of stuff you don't need that's been weighing you down. Recalibration is a one-time procedure that permanently plugs you back into the Universal Matrix by restoring your diamond light body. Since your light body lives on past your physical, it is vital to have a light body that can go past the lower 12 dimensions of Earth and not be subject to reincarnating on earth. Restoring your diamond light body enables you to have the light and velocity to move past these lower dimensions and have greater sovereignty to determine where you are going next!

Also, because the light body of the vast majority of people is running its energy on a closed system underneath the 12D grid. But once people receive a Recalibration, they are able to draw infinite energy from Source far past the grid! The energetic sensation of this is palpable for people who are energy sensitive!

The Recalibration opens your life to the people, places and things that will serve your greatest self and you'll experience the joy of watching everything fall into place with ease and grace!

After a Recalibration, you also become an ionic generator (producing more negatively charged electrons) which means it's easy for your body to stay in a sustained alkaline state and generate the same benefit for those nearby you. Additionally, you may experience long forgotten abilities that start to accelerate and grow as your connection to your higher self creates alignment, clarity and detachment around the limited 3D world.
After the Recalibration, you will resonate with 5D conscious experience of reality and beyond of unconditional love and bliss. This is nothing to fear, it's simply the shift into who you truly are as you start to follow your soul calling and choose what truly matters to you in every moment! The Recalibration process is safe, completely effective and a huge next step to the next level of your soul’s evolution and Ascension!

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Marconic ‘No Touch’ Energy Session 
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John Pettibone Community Center - Program Room #3
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Marconic Quantum Recalibration 
18 and up  N/A  SuTuThSa  11/03/2020 - 01/28/2021
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John Pettibone Community Center - Program Room #3
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