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Sunday May 23, 2021
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM    Floral Design Workshop - Floral Design
Spring Garden Floral Workshop with Susan Spanger of Bloomful Floral DesignSunday, May 23, 20212:00-3:30pm$65 per participant (90 minutes includes tutorial and all materials and supplies)April showers bring May flowers! Imagine walking along rows of colorful and fragrant blooms at a flower farm, snipping your favorites and bringing them back to your work space to create a stunning piece of floral art all your own. This month, we will be focus on floral design techniques that showcase locally and sustainably grown elements, including those snipped right out of your home garden. Explore your own style of design within the framework of guidelines demonstrated in this hands-on workshop. Your arrangements will be full of the best of the season, including lilacs, peonies, garden roses and double tulips. Flower lovers and gardeners will certainly be in their element!*All ages and levels welcome. Two people can work together and pay for one booking**Masks will be required, materials will be sanitized and participants will have socialdistancing.