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Town Green Rules


             Use of the Town Green is governed by:
  1. General Rules and Regulations Governing Use of Town Parks;
  2. Park Reservation Rules and Regulations;
  3. Town Green Use Application Requirements; and the following:
  1. Nothing is to be nailed, screwed or driven into the trees on the Green for any purpose. An alternate method of attaching fixtures to trees must be used, subject to the approval of the Director or his/her designee.
  1. Except for approved park and municipal signs, no signs are permitted anywhere on the Town Green without prior approval of the Parks and Recreation Department. Any improper signs will be removed and destroyed without notice.
  1. Any new trees, which may have been planted within one year prior to the event, will have to be protected with some type of device such as a fence. It shall be the responsibility of the organization, group or individual to provide and erect such a device. It shall be erected no closer than six feet from the base of the tree in any direction. The Parks and Recreation Department will designate trees.
  1. Reimbursement may be required by the Parks and Recreation Department for any use of the electric service on the Green.
  1. The Green will be aerated, fertilized, watered, and reseeded where necessary immediately following the event if any of these are determined to be needed by the Director of Parks and Recreation. The Director shall also specify types and application rates of fertilizer and seed; type of aerator to be used; and frequency of watering to insure that original turf conditions are maintained. The expense for any of these items shall be the responsibility of the organization, group or individual using the Green.
  1. General clean up of the Green immediately after the event concludes and garbage removal within 24 hours after the event is required and shall be the responsibility of the organization, group or individual.
  1. Parking or driving on the Town Green is prohibited at all times. Doing so will be just cause for loss of bond.
  1. A sufficient number of portable restrooms shall be provided in a location as directed by the Parks and Recreation Department on the Green by the organization/group conducting the event when requested by the Department.
  1. All organizations, groups and /or individuals who reserve the Town Green must pay a refundable (as long as no damage is incurred) security bond (cashier’s check or cash) with a minimum of $200 depending upon size and type of event. Organizations will also provide an insurance certificate covering the event. Police, security, service protection may be requested at the discretion of the Parks and Recreation Department. Disposition of the bond shall be determined by the Parks and Recreation Director based on the cost of any clean up and repairs required.
  1. Groups installing tents or other structures will be charged a rate of fifty ($50.00) dollars per section to mark out the irrigation system. If any damage is caused to the irrigation system, the group or organization will be responsible for all repair costs. Groups installing tents will also be required to submit a tent bond at a rate of five hundred ($500.00) dollars per section of the Town Green used.
Revised and Approved: November 9, 2010